prettier without the mask

how do we all hide our anxieties? The question came strongly to my mind after a stressful day. Moving from post to post and pillar to pillar, I broke down that day and cried. We all have various ways of dealing with stress and at the same time trying to forget hardships. As ridiculous as this might sound,a great number of us cover our stress and hardships through work. We choose to get so busy. we get on the treadmill of life or better still a rocking chair-afterall a treadmill still makes you lose the much detested calories- but a rocking chair will waste your time and get you nowhere and permit me to say,probably add to the already existent fat in your body(this is where you roll your eyes). We all have allowed our subconcious to mask away stress by not paying attention to it. There is this general notion that if you don’t talk about it,it doesn’t exist, it will go away or not become real at all. We get so interested in ignoring our problems hoping it will go away but when finally it builds up,and all the pent up frustration explodes, we become a mess. That’s when you see people go into depression. Does depression sound so surreal to us? It is in no way surreal. Does mid-life crisis sound so far away? It is not. And for the smaller cases,basically teens frustration, when they explode and we do rebel or cry as the case may be. After it all,the question I have is what next?? We -those who are able to get back again which isn’t all depending on the issue on ground- all return back to the cycle. Our cycle of working our emotions away. Using school work as a pretext for not having to face your daily emotions obstacles and problems,using your job to hide. Why are we all searching for a mask. I say to hell with hiding…let everybody discover and exploit every new emotion, every feeling, pain, happiness, distress,love. Let everybody face any giants on their path. Lets all battle one day at a time. One day at a time. Leave each day’s worry with that day. Dnt try to force and work it off. You’re prettier without the mask on.


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