out of my head

sleep on

Everytime she woke up late, she felt the need to lay awake in bed a little longer, sometimes ten minutes, sometimes more. Not turning , particularly when others were in the room. It was a shabby excuse, a way to say I am not the newest comer today. Joining the world too late in their activities was pretty embarrassing. Today she mentally groaned, the words barely passing her lips as a grunt when she discovered she was too late again. The world conference had begun while she was yet to employ her full reasoning faculties. Waking up after never put you in the lead. When exactly does grace cover this? She sneaked a peak at her 15% battery phone under her pillow and buried her head back in the pillow. Boldly written across the screen 8:37 TUESDAY 26TH JANUARY. She scrambled out of bed grateful that only one roommate was in. They had been over the you did not wake me up thing so much she was past caring. But what of the alarm. The divine heavenly morning call. Where were they? She drew the cold bucket of water from under her bed and rushed to the bathroom.

P.s: this is super flash flash fiction or maybe not fiction as this is my everyday life at school but with very little panel beating.
P.s.s: yesterday marked a year since I made my first WordPress post. Not that I joined o. I was scared of posting ehn!


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