photography project

i don’t want a D!


If anyone I know asks me if I have a blog, I say yes and then I add “I’m not very serious about it”. Whose fault? It’s just like when you get a D in a test and you say ‘I didn’t actually study’. It doesn’t justify it, many people don’t care. Fact remains there was a test, people aced it,Β  you didn’t. I open a blog, I don’t post much, it’s a D grade.
Now two days ago, I decided a D wasn’t befitting for me. I had this post whipped up and I thought it was pretty good. Ariel network on the other hand was pretty bad so it wouldn’t upload. Guys I mistakenly deleted my post. It’s not the first time. I once wrote about a funny experience and in the blink of an eye( I know I just reviewed the book) i got it deleted.
I will be persistent however because I realize that giving an excuse like that still earns me a D. Sighs.
Afoma of undertook a photography project last year. She put up a post weekly containing pictures she had taken all through the week, one per day. It’s really helpful. It’ll sharpen your photography skills, help you notice more beauty in he mundane. I’ve always nursed an interest in photography. I realize I don’t have to wait until I get my Nikon or Canon camera before I do what I desire. Perhaps my humble phone camera can land me where those gadgets would be begging to have me, yes?
Alright so I will be having my post up weekly starting from next week Sunday after i’ve ammased pictures all through the week.
And this is to me,🍸 cheers, for not having a D grade anymore
Feel free to let me know if i’m still bordering on a D or higher. Please don’t let it be lower


6 thoughts on “i don’t want a D!

  1. Hahaha funny thing is I internally graded myself at the beginning of this year and I thought it wasn’t good enough. I put up a post every 4months. Not good. Not good.

    So I’m trying to put up posts 2ce in one month. Just to upgrade my grade


      1. Yay! No D for me. Thanks.
        I enjoyed reading through your blog and your nonfiction stories were really nice.

        Non-fiction write-ups takes another whole level of courage. You are breaking down your walls and I think it is amazing.

        Liked by 1 person

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