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Life as a non-fiction writer


So I’m wondering, what exactly keeps me from writing? It’s not one thing, that I know for sure. So when someone dear asks me that question, of course I come up with an answer but I still know it’s not one thing. The time is 1:35am and I’m preparing indomie in the kitchen. This is the time I’m best prepped to write, I know. My thoughts have always resonated well with writers who, when they’re interviewed, talk of writing early in the morning after they wake. I think yes, that’s the way! But for me, no. I have to have my personal devotion with God. So I considered, what of much earlier Debby? Say, if you knew your personal devotion would be by 5am, what of waking by 3 am to write. But then it felt mechanical, like yeah you’re just doing your devotion because it has to be done, if it really were first place in your life you would merrily run to have it anytime you wake up.
Last night, the Lord had different plans for me. I found myself on YouTube and I found zadie Smith. Then I saw an interview  she had with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I spent an hour on it.
I got this drive to write as myself. Chimamanda was pure in her own skin;comfortable. Her favorite book of mine is Americana. She said she wrote it going against the set back rules, even to herself. Well, I always got that edge reading it.
I thus decided I was going to do what I pleased on my blog. Truth is, I love writing fiction, infact I started the blog as a place to put up my short stories but writing fiction doesn’t come easy to me anymore. What will we do about that?*mindless shrug*. I’m going to live my life doing as it pleases my Lord and myself. I would put up a post when I can, I would endeavour to make it a real good one. I won’t delve into all aspects like I did when I trying to find my real voice. I look back at something like we’re weak without weekly words and I don’t even hear myself in it. What was I doing giving definition of words, lol.
I’m thinking I’m more of a non-fiction person now. I would blog on that and I would do what is right, no fear of laid down patterns and procedures. I would find myself subsequently writing at night, I know and hey, food must follow. *small smile* nevertheless guys, if I were to find my fiction voice back again, I would probably write a post as this and delve right back into it. It’s my blog. It’s a personal blog. A lifestyle blog. My life isn’t a straight-out ‘one definition’ life. Thus if you’re gonna be reading a lifestyle blog, you’re gonna be reading a burst of taste sort of like blackberries in your mouth, you’re going to be reading changes.
On that note, welcome Debby, welcome reader✌

P. S:I feel having said welcome, we’re all looking forward to different gigantic posts in this “new dawn” nothing of such people, nothing of such.


Debby Adebayo


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