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No letters to the past, no letters to the future! 

Yay! A perfect opening for a cool movie: A butterfly zoomed in on, at a park.
As I opened a fresh memo note page on my phone to start typing, I saw that butterfly. I’m so glad. It danced up right in front of me.
So I’m going to be writing about “our deepest fear” today. I may or may not publish the post on the blog when I’m through, it depends.

About everybody knows that quote on “Our deepest fear”. I got to know of it by watching Akeelah and the Bee while I was in junior secondary school.
Before I commence on my beautiful perception of “our deepest fear” in my memo note, I’ll like to push a little story from the opening of the butterfly.

So, it’s a Tuesday evening,  and I’m ready to publish a blog post. I don’t want to do it in my room. I make up my mind and leave with a mat for heritage Park within school in university of Ibadan. There, I chat and relax. There isn’t so much breeze, the sun is still out and I can’t lie down so it’s not the best of effects but it still works.

 I see a girl in jss1 or so walk by, followed by who I assume is her brother, some few paces behind. He seems to be in primary school. They’re both with school-bags, which I presume heavy, on their backs, in hand is a food basket.

What strikes me is that the boy moves, face forward and only concerned with catching up. He doesn’t glance to the side. They’re both obviously tired. I think of the sun. I think of the route they have to pass through each day probably on their way to a parent’s office or home.
In as much as childhood is a time of bliss and innocence and no burden as I long to think of it.
It’s also a time when elder siblings can choose to be resolute in refusing to wait for the younger one to catch up. Also a time when sand gets stuck in your socks. When there is the worry of the yam taken in the food basket to school which is being returned to a sure-to-be displeased mum. It’s a time when there isn’t much mental anxiety, neither is there much mental calmness. A time the child can’t decide like I, to leave a familiar place and go to another. A time a child can’t spend more than he is given from home, can’t make big decisions on impulse.

My point is simple. There used to be a quote on my dad’s wall in the office when I was younger. I often read it, without getting the depth of it, until I read it and then got the depth of it.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now”

We’re often convinced that another state and stage in life, another setting,  is better than the one we’re currently in.

 If things were slightly different, maybe if i was married to a wonderful man with adorable kids, or if I was still a child, or if I had my dream job…I no longer believe so. I hope I don’t have to patronize that way of thought anymore.  If you still have that belief, both I and the quote that used to be on the wall, will humour you. We will agree with you. So the best time, the best of the very best is sometimes and something other than where you are, what you are or have right now, alright . How about the second best then? It’s right now, right here, and it’s you.

So, to the Father I can see from afar off, who is carrying his child on his shoulders, I say that’s beautiful.

To the people walking past me, yes, I’m here on a personal picnic and you’re not. You’re however still favored.
We’re all favored.
We’re living in the best of times, we’ve just got to make use of it I tell you. It barely ever feels like we’re in the best of times. But someone somewhere is admiring your current status. 

No letters to the past, no letters to the future! No regrets.