About Page

Frankly I believe it is harder to write an ‘about’  page than it is to write a blog post. Checking out other people’s ‘about’ page would still not give you an insight on how to go about writing your about page because that’s  about them.  And now, the world is asking how about you?

About Me
My name is Adebayo Deborah Ibukunoluwa. I spend hours reading books and viewing art. I love words and I especially love the pictures I can create with them. 

I study law at university of Ibadan with undying hopes to explore photography soon.

 I value my relationship with Jesus above every other thing. My family is my rock. I am learning to love myself more as the days go by. 

This is my personal space, I always felt I deserved it. This is a place where I don’t have to scream to be heard. It’s home. Right now I don’t understand all that is going on but sometimes I’ll look back through the archive of my posts, I’ll see how God has been leading me and be grateful.

please check out my contact page and keep in touch.

About the Blog 

This blog aims at telling stories. Stories are beyond tales used to enthrall children. Stories reveal the truth, stories make sense of chaos. 

This blog helps Debby discover what she believes in, as well as spread the same. 

This blog focuses on segments that tell about Debby’s experiences,  her relationship with God and people, and her disposition to certain matters. 

It takes on compassion, love and teaches on having the right heart through her fiction pieces. It reveals what it is she sees in this God. 

This blog is a community for people who though are different by certain groupings, are like minded. It helps you find lots of things which you had no expression for in yourself. It produces words for those feelings you can’t explain. It’s a place where you learn to breathe again. 

This is a space where you look through the archives and you’re comforted beyond words.

You make this blog work, thank YOU.


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