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A Thankful Heart

A call, this month of November, to realize the beauty of God and say Thank-you

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Mistakes and perspective

Hello. Happy independence day celebration to Nigerians. Today, I’ll be sharing on mistakes and ways to retrace our steps and learn from them. I’ll share using instances of mistakes I’ve made over this past weekend and useful tips you could all use, if faced with similar situations. 1. Understand that sometimes, our emotions face court… Continue reading Mistakes and perspective

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Life and books!

​There is a place that gives me hope. That makes me certain that’s where I belong. Isn’t it time to reconsider some things? To write?”  This was my thought which I penned down after re-reading purple hibiscus. I felt I was in the inner caucus of literally conscious people. Those who read, recognize and respect… Continue reading Life and books!

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Shopping list v world order

Hiii. Before I tender a formal apology for my absence, I’ll let you know that I think you’re more dignified than to recieve a quick apology. Not the commonly seen “I’m sorry I’ve been away, thanks for being faithful… Life happens…” sort of apology before the post begins in earnest. I believe you deserve a… Continue reading Shopping list v world order

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No letters to the past, no letters to the future! 

Yay! A perfect opening for a cool movie: A butterfly zoomed in on, at a park. As I opened a fresh memo note page on my phone to start typing, I saw that butterfly. I’m so glad. It danced up right in front of me. So I’m going to be writing about “our deepest fear”… Continue reading No letters to the past, no letters to the future!