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Sleeping Jesus, Bleeding Professional.

Matt 8:24-27 CJB Then, without warning, a furious storm arose on the lake, so that waves were sweeping over the boat. But Yeshua was sleeping. 25 So they came and roused him, saying, “Sir! Help! We’re about to die!” 26 He said to them, “Why are you afraid? So little trust you have!” Then he… Continue reading Sleeping Jesus, Bleeding Professional.

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2018 Life Update (1)

Hello. I try not to get too consumed in other blog plans, so as to leave out updates on my life. Sometimes though, I do not know how to succesfully pass across all I’m going through. Sometimes, I do not even know how to blog. Do we ever really know how to do some things?… Continue reading 2018 Life Update (1)

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Consistency & Internet travel

Hey people. I’m learning consistency. I think we get it right four times consecutively, then we fail once. We start over again, until the consistency is mastered. A blog post was due last Saturday morning (as that is my new blogging schedule) but I failed to put it up. Life issues😄. What does consistency mean… Continue reading Consistency & Internet travel

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Finance and perspective

“Only self-discipline keeps you learning when there is no one marking your script. Only great managers of self become great leaders tommorow.” -Excerpts from engaging the power of self discipline. We’re meant to improve on ourselves, as humans. When we stop, there is a problem.  We’re to constantly assess ourselves and make necessary improvement.  Any… Continue reading Finance and perspective

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Mistakes and perspective

Hello. Happy independence day celebration to Nigerians. Today, I’ll be sharing on mistakes and ways to retrace our steps and learn from them. I’ll share using instances of mistakes I’ve made over this past weekend and useful tips you could all use, if faced with similar situations. 1. Understand that sometimes, our emotions face court… Continue reading Mistakes and perspective

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Tunes of Mercy

Throat parched. Lips dry, having the feel of plain paper. She stood before the council and all she could rationally reason out was the fact that a quorum of six people(1*) was all it would take for her to loose everything she had worked for, and built her hopes on to give her a good… Continue reading Tunes of Mercy

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The religion with the best argument

Often times I feel uneasy when a person tells me that followers of a certain religion have not reasoned it out, that’s why they are still followers of it. There could be some truth in that statement, but it’s not all true. I wrote this post after a friend of mine faulted a certain religious… Continue reading The religion with the best argument