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PHOTOGRPAHY POST- frolic in yellow

I’ve found a new love for colour yellow and all the yellowity it embodies hence I play with mentos sweet 🙂 And custard 🍮 You want to know what else is yellow? Tid-bit advice from Amy Poehler’s book “yes please”. I might or might not review it when I’m through reading. You just learn the… Continue reading PHOTOGRPAHY POST- frolic in yellow

life diary · photography project


Hello guys. Happy new month to you. April feels like flowers to me. What does it feel like to you? I’ve been on and about an upcoming program in my fellowship, power crusade. It happens yearly, this one though, promises to be uniquely spectacular, God himself has declared. So if you’re in Ibadan, you should… Continue reading Share a story-PHOTOGRAPHY POST

life diary · photography project


Happy valentines day. Personally I feel if I go down the valentine line, I’ll be unoriginal to myself. I guess when it comes to tips, meaning, style and even how to spell valentine, you’re already swarmed from the left and right. However I can generously help with the spelling. V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E. so moving on to the… Continue reading WEEK1-PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT