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Boarding House Reflections (3)

Hello people. Thanks for sticking by. Here is the last post for this series. I’m hopeful for more blog series in the future. This was my remark at the start: ” This brief series of posts that will be coming up, is aimed at reflecting on the human thought process given a few years interval. Graduating… Continue reading Boarding House Reflections (3)

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Boarding House Reflections (2)

Hello good people. Thanks for all the love you’ve been showing on the blog. It does matter. Bloggers always appreciate comments, on and offline. Though you should always feel free to comment on the blog. It springs up conversation and makes it a lively page. Merci beau coup. Today, someone else is sharing her school… Continue reading Boarding House Reflections (2)


Boarding House Reflections (1)

This write-up came to me saved as “For Sisi”. Gbemibori Is a good friend and has a poetic tongue. With some training, I say she would make a good spoken word artist! This brief series of posts that will be coming up, is aimed at reflecting on the human thought process given a few years… Continue reading Boarding House Reflections (1)

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BOOK REVIEW– Bridge To Haven

Title: Bridge to Haven Author: Francine Rivers Publisher/Publication date: Tyndale House Publishers Inc./2014 Edition: 1st ed. Paper back copy. 459 pages. ISBN: 978-1-4143-6818-4 What does Haven signify? Literally, it is a place of rest or safety. In this book, Haven is the name of a town. The book title signifies a place of grace and mercy… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW– Bridge To Haven

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The One Who Owes The World

I rushed back into the school premises at a fast pace. The blinding sun reminded me of my resolve to get a new pair of Sun shades. It was past 10am and my class must’ve begun, having been scheduled for 10am. I rushed towards the bus route going to faculty of law, at the car… Continue reading The One Who Owes The World

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Touching Lives at Christmas 

Hiiiii people. This post should’ve come up long ago as the registration date for this year’s TLC edition is closed and participation, now impossible. This will however help for subsequent years. There is a different way to spend your Christmas as a Christian. I assume you’ve been going to church for a long while now,… Continue reading Touching Lives at Christmas 

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life and living

Making more time to study God’s word. You won’t believe how there is so much to discover in the bible. You can never exhaust it. Eating nothing special of late. I’ve been eating the basics and eating it well but then, nothing special. That’s probably because I’ve been putting some financial plans in place and… Continue reading life and living