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The religion with the best argument

Often times I feel uneasy when a person tells me that followers of a certain religion have not reasoned out, that’s why they are still followers. There could be some truth in that statement, but it’s not all truth.  I wrote this post after a friend of mine faulted a certain religious sect by saying… Continue reading The religion with the best argument

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5 Christian movies you should definitely see

Hii people. How’s the year running out for you? Are feats being made? Goals being achieved?  Well, in the spirit of good entertainment and inspiration, if you haven’t already, here are movies to make the rest of your 2017 better! It’s my list of Christian movies you should definetely see. This isn’t a list of… Continue reading 5 Christian movies you should definitely see

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Life and books!

​There is a place that gives me hope. That makes me certain that’s where I belong. Isn’t it time to reconsider some things? To write?”  This was my thought which I penned down after re-reading purple hibiscus. I felt I was in the inner caucus of literally conscious people. Those who read, recognize and respect… Continue reading Life and books!

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BOOK REVIEW–Nervous Conditions

Hiiii people! I’m back.  I hope you’re well. I’m not very familiar with writing expository blog posts so I’ve been extra patient with the one I’m working on which hopefully should be up by next week. For now, it’s another book review. I got this book as a birthday present from my friend, Chizaram, who… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW–Nervous Conditions