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Movie Review- CAPTIVE

Hello there. There is this movie I saw. I thought it could bless you, so I have a summary of it here. It would be good if you can see the movie or read up the real life story online. It’s grace all the way. It’s the story of the Atlanta hostage heroine. Warning: This… Continue reading Movie Review- CAPTIVE

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BOOK REVIEW–And the Shofar Blew

The first time I picked up this book to read, it was an e-book version. I dove into the first chapter, and when I had cause to put it down, I didn’t miss it. When my baby sister decided to buy me a book as my birthday gift and we didn’t locate the title by… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW–And the Shofar Blew

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Finance and perspective

“Only self-discipline keeps you learning when there is no one marking your script. Only great managers of self become great leaders tommorow.” -Excerpts from engaging the power of self discipline. We’re meant to improve on ourselves, as humans. When we stop, there is a problem.  We’re to constantly assess ourselves and make necessary improvement.  Any… Continue reading Finance and perspective

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Mistakes and perspective

Hello. Happy independence day celebration to Nigerians. Today, I’ll be sharing on mistakes and ways to retrace our steps and learn from them. I’ll share using instances of mistakes I’ve made over this past weekend and useful tips you could all use, if faced with similar situations. 1. Understand that sometimes, our emotions face court… Continue reading Mistakes and perspective

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Tunes of Mercy

Throat parched. Lips dry, having the feel of plain paper. She stood before the council and all she could rationally reason out was the fact that a quorum of six people(1*) was all it would take for her to loose everything she had worked for, and built her hopes on to give her a good… Continue reading Tunes of Mercy