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The major themes in this book are captured in the blurb: “…this is a devastating story of the fragility of married love, the undoing of family,the wretchedness of grief, and the all consuming bond of motherhood” The story opens up in 2008 and we find a seemingly lonely woman,Yejide, and she directs her thoughts to… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW–STAY WITH ME

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Me before you–BOOK REVIEW

The title of the book is “Me Before  You”  and the author is Jojo Moyes. The publisher is the Penguin group. This is the first edition and it has 481 pages. It was published in 2012. I didn’t ponder on what the title could suggest before reading the book. In hindsight, I believe it implies… Continue reading Me before you–BOOK REVIEW

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Shopping list v world order

Hiii. Before I tender a formal apology for my absence, I’ll let you know that I think you’re more dignified than to recieve a quick apology. Not the commonly seen “I’m sorry I’ve been away, thanks for being faithful… Life happens…” sort of apology before the post begins in earnest. I believe you deserve a… Continue reading Shopping list v world order

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Bodija – Moniya

He looks into her purse as she opens it to bring out her transport fare. He sees about four thousand naira,all neatly lined up by the side of the purse. She holds the thirty naira she has just pulled out, in her hand, and draws her shopping basket nearer to herself. The shopping basket is… Continue reading Bodija – Moniya

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There was a garden in that place

“Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth,… sits on a hillside 1,300 feet above sea level. The view from a Ridge allows a sweeping panorama all the way from Mt. Carmel by the ocean to the snow peak of Mt. Hermon to the north With fertile lands, beautiful Vistas, and moderate climate, Galilee has its attractions, and clearly… Continue reading There was a garden in that place