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This is my first book review. This has been lying low in draft for months. Not that anything I post doesn’t wait either. Well well, I review:

The genre is Chicklit

It’s in the 1st person pov

The author’s style was informal. In form of a bridesmaid journal entry

It was about a lady, Maddie, and the manner in which she jostled life events. Did I tell you she is an events planner, yes she is . The book deals with maintaining relationship with others.

The language is clear and easy to follow

The events are quite dramatic for a person’s life but still very believable. She is a klutz

Areas covered include friendship, family, loyalty, marriage, maintaining balance in life overload

The author’s concluding chapter was convincing. I particularly liked her style of conveying what happened afterwards without the use of narration.

When I completed my reading I didn’t think anything was lacking except information on one character. I haven’t read other books by Lindsey Kelk so I can’t make a comparison but with this that i’ve read I’m absolutely interested in reading her other books. Next I want to read is “what a girl wants.

I can’t relate on a personal level with the characters but they are people who exist in my head, they felt real.

I liked the book. However the story really didn’t keep me guessing. Not much suspense. My favourite part of the book turns out to be the anti-climax which I daren’t tell you. In all, it is a very witty and humorous book

I recommend this book for young readers, those looking for comedy and in general chicklit genre fans . I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars. I have quotes for you:

On being a bridesmaid:

“you might be surprised to learn what an accomplished and powerful and wonderful young woman you already are. remember there is a reason your bride chose you”

On getting over grief:

”’these things happen’ he rationalized wiping out three months of my being played for a fool with three words”

Useful tips like:

”never try to smother a laugh if there’s a risk of it coming out of your nose. Cackling is more attractive than snorting”

”I didn’t even ask him a question! How is he supposed to reply if I didn’t ask him a question? That’s messaging 101”

And others:

”it’s so strange how something can affect someone in such a huge way and only have a rippling effect on others”

”Exciting? I asked. I know they say the pen is mightier than the sword but what I wouldn’t have given for a machete at that exact moment”

”wedding dress salons are such strange places. Blindingly white, eye-wateringly expensive and full of women screaming. I wondered if the government had ever considered bringing terrorists here for questioning.”

”don’t overreach Maddie. when you shoot for the moon, you end up with your face In the mud”

”I looked at my best friend, it was a startling thing when someone you thought you knew inside out could still shock you. And not just because I realized her hair was in a chignon instead of a topknot”


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